Turntech/ Coolant botttle

I'm thinking about removing the coolant overflow bottle and putting a turntech 5ah in it's place, then making my own version of the turkey baster mod. So whats everyone think.... any cons I might not be thinking of??

Why not just put it in the regular battery location?

Question is why!! If I can get rid of that ugly overflow bottle and put a battery there then I can eliminate all that stock battery crap. Thats how we make our bikes OURS, modding:banana::thumbsup:

not to mention it moves the weight forward and lower.. :thumbsup: good idea !!

Go for it. You dont need the bottle. I could have used a lower center of gravity last weekend when my bike had me pinned underneath, gas leaking on my chest and stupid horn going off..:thumbsup:

If you do this (which might work out really well for you)...then I suggest you put it in some kind of enclosure...for 2 reasons.

1. Cosmetic...you don't really want to see it down there...I assume.

2. and most important...you don't want any chance of the positive terminal to come into contact with your bare naked subframe. Your ride will burn to the ground.

Keep us updated on that mod skip.

Dang md, that is not a good sitiuation to be in, and the horn going off to boot lol!

and we need pics


I've already got the 5 Ah and would love to see pics if you can get it in there.

Keep us updated on that mod skip.

Dang md, that is not a good sitiuation to be in, and the horn going off to boot lol!

Yeah, I got myself in a jam that I couldnt get out of. It was pretty darn funny.. Took two men and a boy to lift the Z off of me because of the depression I was lying in..

Okay, I will try it out. I still have yet to order the battery. I was just feeling this project out, first I will remove the tank and get some measurements to see if the space permits. 5AH L 4.6" x W 2.75" x H 3.5". If I go ahead with it I will document and share. :thumbsup:

Well this sucks, I took the measurements off of turntech website and made a cardboard dummy battery, no way it's going in there without mods to the airbox/boot. Might get the 2.5ah in but I don't have a kick for backup.

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