Christini AWD KTM

I am looking for a AWD KTM for accessing washed out roads, crossing logs in a stream bottom, and if nessasary powering over these obsticles while I walk be side it. It believe it will need a recluse clutch, geared really low (45 mph top speed is enough) and light weight is a high priority. I see Chistinini mods 250 and 300 smokers, I need the ultamite difficult terain bike, This bike is for a utilitarian purpose, it is not to trail ride or motocross but to get me access only. That said I am leaning towards the 300 due to the same weight as the 250 and excellent low end torque. Any advise? Any one run the Christini AWD system, any stock bikes our there that fit this need? I noticed in reviewing the 250 and 300 xc vs xcw that there is a 10 lbs diff between the xcw (wide ratio) and xc (semi wide ratio), whats the diff besides the gearing?

currently running KTM

85 sx (kids bike)

400 xc-w

690 enduro R

990 Supper Duke

I would call Tasky's;

They had one on display when I checked out there shop in Jan. not sure if it was forsale or not can't remember. I was a "used" bike. So it might have been the owners or maybe on loan. Either way I am betting they know quiet about Christini AWD system and KTM"s.

Personally I think 300 xc-w would be the best fit. Though I wouldn't rule out an WR300 or EC300.

They still have it, it's a 2007 250 and they're asking $7000 Tasky's Metric Cycle

That must have been what I saw, doesn't look used like I remembered though. My bad.

I think it has been used since that photo because there is notable wear on the orange drive cover when you see it in person, there's other wear as well but it doesn't look bad.

And I think they are a chrisitini distributer.

Tasky's Christini is one of Jeff's personal bikes that he uses when the ride is especially sloppy. It was for sale, but I don't see it listed right now.

They have the KTM kit for sale for $4595

I word= ROKON

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