Main Jet hare scramble?


Just wondering if anyone has run the Main Jet hare scramble in Merritt? didnt even know about it until recently and it looks like its held in a place that ive ridden fairly freguently. Anyone done this event or got pictures etc? Thanks for the help.

Raced it like 10yrs ago, the first year they ran it. It hasn't been run in quite a few years, this year is like a rebirth.

Super fun course it's highly recomended :thumbsup:

I've never run it before but I'm going to this year.

I have raced it a few times, but the last couple years it hasn't had anyone to put it on. Its great that its back this year, not sure if I'l make it but it is a fun race, and theres always tons of people gathered around that uphill/downhill right by the pits.

Give Gnarley Parts some business he is the one that is giving it the rebirth:thumbsup:

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