03' rm125 big bore cylinder with no boost port?

a guy is selling an unused 03 rm125 cylinder that has been taken out to 144cc. He says it has no boost port? I dont understand why anyone would fill in the boost ports? Any guesses?

Better check the casting numbers to see if it realy is an 03 cyl. Maybe a cyl. off an older bike. If it is an 03 than ask the guy why the ports are welded shut and what his intent was when he had the cyl. worked over. That much welding would put the walls of the cyl. in heat stress.

I had to come back to this one. I bet he means no power valves are in the cyl. That means you will need power valves and its over bored, and that means the valves will need cut to the cyl walls.

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bet it got it

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