07 kx250f

im thinking of buying a nice 07 kx250f for around 2100 i just wanna know some good and bad feedback about that year . thankz

Gas and go ride! Love my 07!! No problems here.......Yet.

Yeah they save a serious problemS!!!!!

They tend to be the fastest bike in thier class for 07

they general don't brake down unless abused unlike hoonduhs that eats valves.

They also cause grinitious. After each ride the rider is left with a semi perminent grin from ear to ear.

hey guys thankz for the feedback its much appreciated

when i had my 07 it was a great bike, i had well over 200 hours before it needed a complete rebuild, valves/piston. then i sold it. got a 09.

loved my 07 great bike.

Probably the best bang for the buck out there when it comes to 250F's. Fastest of the '07's and no real issues to speak of. We still have one that is ridden regularly. Change oil regularly, clean the air filter every ride and put a piston in it every 50Hrs (you can go longer if you don't ride it real hard). KM

my 07' has been great........

I have to agree...my 07 has been a great bike.....take care of it.....it will treat you good...

Me too the 07 is awesome bike.

for that price take it! as long as the owner has upkept with regular oil changes/filter/air filter they are great bikes! how many total hours on the bike?

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