04 yz450f water pump leak

Its winter and i just started my bike up and there is a little hole at the bottom of the water pump and coolant will leak out of there. This only happens when it hasn't been started in awhile when you ride it and get it out and it quits. I have no clue what that hole is for.

Okay cool now i know whats wrong. What did you have to end up fixing to make it stop?

I had to pull off the water pump cover and the clutch cover to access everything. Easy. I replaced the bearings, seals, and the impeller shaft. If the shaft is grooved out, you will need to replace it. May as well do it since you're in there. If it's grooved and you don't replace it, you will still have a leak even with new seals and bearings. It's not too hard of a job. However, I had the shop press the new bearings in since I didn't have the appropriate tools. After that, easy.

Thank You cbrewer954. It was great help!

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