WR426 vs YZ426 what exactly is the difference???

What exactly is the difference between the YZ & the WR???? I want to put one off this bike on the street, but I also want to continue to do MX for fun with it....

I actually own a YZ426 and I jump a lot with it, I ant to know if the WR suspension setup is good for jumping.

And if semeone know how much Watt is generate by the WR426 stator.... To know if I can put street lighning without to much modification...

And what's the other difference in the engine, exhaust, transmission, etc.

You're help will be very apreciate...



Crazy, you won't like the WR on a MX track, I originally bought a 99 WR400 (good deal from a friend) and tried to moto it but the suspension is toooo soft for jumps, works great off-road though. Also you need to change the seat and tank as the stock ones prevent you from getting up on the tank for turns and all the enduro foof adds alot of weight up high. Probably is cheaper to convert a YZ to lights if you can get one registered with out all the other stuff (speedo, signals, licence plate lite, etc...)

of course the WR only has the lites, sidestand and legal muffler.

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