02 CRF450R oilf filter cover problems...broken bolt...

I had a broken bolt in one of the oil filter's cover holes. A friend of mine told me he knew how to remove it and ended up demaging the house/hole with a drill!!! He removed it, but now the hole is bigger and very irregular. I tried a few different bolts but I can't find any to make it work, they won't fit. Is there any way to fix this or will I need to replace the whole engine cover because of that? Please, help me!!! Thanks!

Did you kill him yet, or is that on the back-burner? :thumbsup:

Lots of ways to fix that:



JB-Weld (and pray)

Belzona Molecular metal epoxy (expensive, but great stuff)

Keeping your friend away from your bike and dad's power tools: "priceless"

gota pic????of your dead friend????jk, of you filter cover..........

post a pic, maybe you can get away with using a drill and tap.

Hey, it was his bike and it happened when we trade for a street bike I owned. I want to sell this bike, that's why I'm willing to fix it. I'm actually have a 06 YZ450F. Where can I find the Belzona Molecular metal epoxy? Would that be the best option? After I use it, how can I install a new bolt? Sorry, a lot of questions but I'm really confident you guys can help me!

Thanks for helping me!

Where can I find the Belzona Molecular metal epoxy?
$150 for a 1kg kit from these guys:


Is it the best option? It depends if it's cheaper than replacing the part. This particular epoxy (Belzona 1111) is very, very good and very tough. Kinda scary to watch it smoke when you're mixing it... lol


After I use it, how can I install a new bolt?

Drill it, file/sand the edges flush, tap new threads, install a new bolt. Simple!

Fwiw, if you can get away with a timesert or helicoil, I'd go that route first.

JB-Weld is decent stuff if you can get a really clean and rough surface so it can adhere well. You *can* tap threads into the stuff, but I'd still use a timesert or helicoil after repairing the hole with it anyway.

Thanks a lot! I'll try and let you know about it!

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