Kouba Link

This may be covered elsewhere if so I apologize

I need (want) to lower my 08 690 KTM Enduro - KoubaLink makes a lowering link for the bike which will bring it down approx 1 5/8" - besides dropping the fork tubes a bit and doing some adjustments do you foresee any issues?

I ride the bike about 50 50 off road on - I weigh 135 pounds before gear (the suspension has been revalved by a local Race Tech shop and it's great now except that I struggle with the height a bit -

I am not using anywhere near the full suspension I/m sure - I'm not jumping any 5 story buildings and hopping trees etc but do ride rocks, bumps roads rocky narly ugly mountain roads but not at race speeds by a long shot -


Kouba Link with the forks raised a bit in the clamps will result in a more stable better riding bike.

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