Endurocross track at Glen Helen!!!!!!


It's gonna be a permanent deal and open for practice on practice days.About time a track puts an Endurocross track in.Hope they run a series on it.Lap Times are around 2 minutes.The first running of it is going to be for the Big 6 (7) race in March.Just thought I would spread the news.Check out some of the pics at glenhelen.com.:thumbsup:

That is really cool. I want to try it!!! Pretty far away though.

Can't wait, I will be doing that race. Well, at least lining up and racing to the first obstacle....

Yep, I was watching them build it from the wash the other day. Looks like fun, just on the other side of the pro truck track back in the corner.

I wonder how popular it'll be though? I know I'll give it a whirl a couple of times :thumbsup:

The group of guys that i ride with are really happy to hear this. I think its going to be a pretty good deal...

I cant wait to ride it:ride:

Well, I went and rode on the new track the other day... I honestly don't know why they say it's done, it's no where near done (of course, the rain wasn't very good to it... the tabletops were soft as heck, and the track is extremely small).

A bit let down, but at least it's a start I suppose.

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