99 Carb issue

I've got a 99 wr400 that sat for about 6 months. I took the carb apart and cleaned it with carb cleaner. It now has an issue that as soon as I try to start it, it immediatly floods. It seems that as soon as the engine pulls a vacume on the carb, the carb pours a bunch of gas into the engine. Just wondering If any body has any ideas??


sorry ,dont know if this helps .i read somewhere in here that you are not suposed to use carb cleaner on fcr carbs witch belive you have.

Check the float/needle and seat. The float can get hung up when you put it back together. Make sure that the height is set properly. If it's set to high it will flood and foul plugs. Another possibility is the carb cleaner eat the rubber tip on the needle keeping it from sealing properly.

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