oceano dunes?

I am going to try and get out their this July :D has anyone been thier before, and if so what do i need to know, any tips or tricks that would help make a nice week, i already know i need to have flags on everything, the truck and trailer need to get out of high tied before it gets burried in the sand, any info would be great and thanks in advance :)

I have never ridden my bike there but I did take my 74 Bronco there a number of years ago and rode a friends quad around. The dunes are not that big, not like Glamis, so a paddle is not necessary but would definately help. Be careful of the speed limits in camp areas and on the beach because rangers patrol alot. I have heard that spraying the bike w/ WD40 will help prevent rust so you may want to do that, my Bronco had small surface rust spots develop right after the trip and I did not drive in the ocean. Other than that have fun, should be a good place to ride that's not too hot in the summer.

I went there in Jan... Great place. I would highly recommend a paddle (rear tire) as you won't get the grip or speed. Beware of the sand it gets everywhere, clean the air filter out at the end of each day. The beach has a speed limit but the dunes are fine. It’s a blast, I’m going again. It could get very busy so get there early. Also, lots of noise all the time. Once you hit the dunes remember that one side is smooth to the top (windward side) the other side is a cliff!

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