2002 WR426F-CA plate...help

Looking for help. Like the title states, thats the bike I have...Looking to sell it so I am trying to get the value for it. Has new tires, Baja Designs kit, Q4 FMF pipe with powerbomb header and Factory Effex graphics. No time to ride so I hate to see it sit. Any help from you guys would be great, then I'll post up in the classifieds. This forum is a great resource. I wrote all about my experience on plating my bike and was thankful to all that helped as well, so give some back if you can. Thanks.


If it's in good shape I would think a 02 would bring $1800 - $2000 but because it's plated in the country of CA add another $800 - $1000.

ive seen a couple plated wrs ranging about 2500-3000 on craigslist

id say ask 3000 riding season is almost here

Thanks, for the replies. I was thinking about $3000 too. I paid $3000 for it in '06 and figured the plate could add about a grand... So I guess we'll see what happens.

I sold my plated 01 for $3k a few months ago. Same stuff, baja kit, fmf pipe, pro-taper bars. Plated bikes are rare...you should get 2700-3k for it.

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