Question for those of you who have had ACL surgery

Gotta vote for taking action as soon as you can schedule it. My sis in law tried to avoid surgery and instead braced her knee up/used crutches for about 5 years and there was extensive damage caused by not righting the ship soon enough...her knee area looks like a roadmap with all the cut lines after finally being forced to get the surgery.

My buddy torn his acl in half and ripped stuff on the sides of his knees also. He gets operated on Friday. Thanks for the great info.

I’d like to thank all of you guys for your input on this subject. My surgery is scheduled for this Friday [the 13th!]. I’m going to go with the cadaver graft. They use a section of an Achilles tendon. The risks of viral infection from the graft is astronomically small, as is the rejection rate. Plus you don’t have to recover from the surgery of having your own flesh harvested. The end result [a year later] is the same in terms of the strength and quality of the implant And this guy does something that many surgeons don’t, he’s done it for two decades and it works; using the illio-tibial tract, that tight band of tissue on the very lateral [outside of your leg] that runs from your hip down and across the knee joint, he bundles a portion of that just above the knee and fastens it to the knee, making a “super” ligament out of it, that fortifies the knee while you’re healing. His technique of doing that has statistically shown a reduction of healing time by almost half. About ten days after the operation he gives [i buy] me a knee brace that I essentially wear for months, that will keep me from injuring the graft. It’s a high end brace, not a cti2, but a townsend, that he and this guy townsend developed years ago. You can check it out here; And I’ll be going gung-ho on the physical therapy. He says I will probably be returning to active sports within three months, of course while wearing the brace. I could be riding again by September!

Good luck on the surgery Friday - it's a piece of cake. Worst part for me was getting out of the hospital bed the first time after waking up - I almost passed out since I'd been on my back so long and was still pretty messed up from the drugs. Plan on having your wife or girlfriend help out when nature calls the first time or two. I found it rather difficult to sit with my leg in a brace. Doc prescribed me a bottle of 60 Vicodin and I took a grand total of 4 before switching over to ibuprofen - pain wasn't bad and Vicodin messes me up.

I'm really interested to hear your 3 month post-op report when your doc says you'll be returning to active sports. I rode at the 4 month mark and it was too soon. My ortho literally laughed at me when I asked him about spring skiing that season - surgery was the beginning of November.

Again, Good luck and keep us posted.


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