98 yz400f hot start porblem

i just got a 98 (or 99) yz400. it starts and runs alright. the problem is that it only starts and runs with the hot start pulled out (or active). it will not start without the hot start on and when warm, you can push it in, but it acts as though it's not idled up high enough and dies. the problem is that it's idled up all the way and i just cleaned the main jet, pilot jet, and the float bowl. i'm stumped on this situation and need help...

think it may need the next size up pilot jet????????

Have you checked the pilot screw adjustment?

i cleaned out the pilot jet a few weeks ago. when i put it back in, i just made sure it was snug. is there a specific adjustment for it?

ok i'm an idiot. i found the manual and had the hot start and choke mixed up. it has to run with the choke out, not the hot start. i did set the pilot jet setting on the carb back to factory spec. still no luck......

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