Ah, where did third gear go? My poor 01 426

Today we had four hours of sun and I really wanted to throw a leg over my bike. I started it up, let it warm up, and took off. I hit the field and found out it was soaked real fast. As I was crossing the field, I decided to step it up. The rear tire was sinking and I was in second half throttle. I popped it up to third and hammered on it. I hit the rev limiter and then felt it. The "it" I'm refering to was surging feeling. I shifted back to first and putted it back out to the street. On the street I decide to start the diagnoses of what could have just happend. I started riding down the street in first all the way to the top of first gear, no problem. Did the same with second, no problem. I shifted to third and it feels like world war three is going on. There is a bad surging feeling with the bike portraying it almost wants to die. What do you guys think, besides the fact that I'm screwed. Thanks Matt

Does it run OK/normal if you go on through to 4th? If so, what you have is worn locking lugs on the sides of the 3rd and 5th "wheel" gears on the countershaft, along with a bent #1 fork.

Yes, if I pass third and to to fourth the bike seems to run ok/normal as far as I can tell. I was pretty easy on her after the problem was realized. Oh by the way. this bike(well before the problem) was rippin with that 450 carb I bought off you. It feels way snappier than it did before. But that enjoyment was short lived. So how hard is this fix. Whats the procedure Dr Grayracer?

Minimally, split the cases, replace the two bad gears and the fork. Obviously, you could also refresh everything else, too, but that's discretionary.

Glad to hear that the carb worked out. I was pretty certain it would be fine.

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