Renthal or sidewinder

Rode my 01426 yesterday hard ( after breakin) since purchase 3 days ago and this bike rips. Does the chain on these things stretch easy or what, maybe it is just me but I got serious slack after just 7 hours. Thinking about going ahead and putting a better set up on kind of courious what you guys use and maybe a ltlle inside info on the two above products?

7 hours- that's pretty good for the stocker. I put a Renthal works chain on the stock sprockets and I can tell you I don't like this setup, seems like the chain doesn't like the stock sprockets. Next one for me will be an O-ring chain and I'm going up one tooth on the back...


I use both Sidewinder and Renthal with good results. My advice would be to wait on a Sidewinder until you’ve settled on a size. I have a 49 tooth Sidewinder but I’ve been running a 47 Renthal (but I don’t moto).

My Sidewinder has outlasted a Regina o-ring and a countershaft sprocket and it still looks great, not hooked at all. I’ve always thought that a good chain will make your sprockets last longer so I try to match new sprockets with a new chain, by the time my 47 Renthal is nice and hooked the chain will likely be stretched out.

Sidewinder is JUNK!!!! I toasted a new set of chan and sprockets in just three races. I haven't tried their new Stainless sprockets or chain but with the way their product lasted before I'm not very fired up to give them any more of my money. I have raced 15 Hare Scrambles, 8 Enduros, and 4 or 5 Motocrosses on one set of AFAM o-ring chain and steel sprockets and they still look great.

I've been running a sidewinder matched sprocket set with their stainless rear and O-ring chain. I've run around 50 - 55 Gallons thru the scoot and the stainless rear mushroomed slightly at first and then seemed to stop. The chain I had to adjust 4 times. Everything still seems to be in good condition. I am happy with the combo so far.

I run the Sidewinder Rear Stainless Steel Sprocket and Factory Concepts Steel Front(cheap at my local shop) and a O-Ring Chain. The Sidewinder Stainless is heavier than most and since I race harescrambles weight is not a big concern for me as in longevity. The stainless went through the whole summer without any wear. I personally swear by them. I won't buy the chain or front sprocket seeing how I think that they are extremely over priced.


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I have always had great performance with Renthal products, as far as chains go the stocker is crap, I run an DID X-Ring. They run with as little drag as non o-rings (ok, maybe not a big issue on a 426) without the need for messy chain lubes.

Apprecite the info people. I guess I will go with a full Renthal setup. I heard you could not hurt the sidewinder but I guess that "ain't"true. Probably stick with the 49/14 sprockets and go with a 0-ring chain. I did like the way the sidewinder looked but if you can tear it up and at the same time gain a 11/2 pound might as well save the money. What other combo's would you guys suggest.

I run Renthal sprockets and the DID X-ring chain. The X-ring chain is by far the best chain I have ever used. It hardly streaches at all!! I'v run Regina, Tabuski, Sidewinder and other supposidly quality "O" ring chains and none are even close to the DID X-ring chains for durability and long life. Make sure you get the DID "X"-ring it costs more but lasts and lasts and lasts.


Hey guys,

I got suckered into the Sidewinder stainless rear and stanless chain. Only have 2 rides on it, so I can't say much, but I can comment on the price.... WOW. It better last longer than two sets of normal priced chain/sprockets or I am taking the things back. Luckily, the sidewinder "factory"/headquarters is near home. I was assured that these things will last, an update will come after a few more rides (looks like spring) after 15" of snow today....

AFAM sprockets and DID X-ring chain. The only way to go. Over 6 months of riding MX between 1 & 2 times a week.

I have been running the non o-ring DID ERT chain for about 8 months, once a week riding, and it is still in great shape. For a non o-ring chain, you can't go wrong with this one. Based on these results, I would agree with Clark and others regarding the DID X-ring chain, it has to last a long, long time. It will probably be my next chain.

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