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2002 RM 250 for off road...need some input!

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I am thinking of getting a 2002 RM250 and setting it up for off road. I am unfamiliar with RM250's and I am looking for some input regarding the year, and mods to set it up for off road.

I am choosing a 2002 for the Green Sticker which is needed to ride all year long here in California.

RM's have always been know as good turners and I know Rodney Smith made a GNCC career with them.

What do I need to know about this bike to make it work for harescrambles, etc.?

Aftermarket pipe or stock? Reed valves? Gearing suggestions? Flywheel weight?

I plan on having the suspension set up for off road, but how is it stock? Who makes the RM suspension?

How's this bike's power stock for tight woods? Can I lug it?

Thanks for the input.

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I can't answer all your questions, but I can tell you I love my RM. Its a 2002 as well. Its ot a good hit and yes its luggable. I've got an fmf fatty with their turbine 2 sparky and a V-force reed assembly. I'd recomend at least a 51 tooth rear sprocket and in regards to turning; NOTHING handles as well as Suzuki's!

Suspension for our year is KYB and is sprung fairly well but on the soft side. I weigh 211lbs. You won't regret it man, get that bike! I also like the fact that it looks like a 2008 and you still get the green sticker. One of my main reasons for buying mine! Aside from the honda (which blows, no offense honda guys) I don't think you will find that trait.

Post pix once you get 'er!

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I had an 03 and set it up for off road... single track through Baja roads, it worked great... I'd just swap the countershaft sprocket. I jetted it too lean and ended up thrashing the cylinder, so I had it ported by Eric Gorr who made it an awesome off rd machine. I would've kept it if it were an 02, but ended up going to an 02 KTM 300,.

Mine had an FMF Gnarly, large Clarke, V-Force reedcage; Moose skidplate and GPR by the time it was perfect.

The suspension was harsh... I resprung but left the valving as I rode the bike on tracks as well.

No need for a flywheel weight for me.



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oversize tank is all i use lol

sprung/valved for mx. no fww. stock gearing. It owns on tight, technical, fast, ALL trails and the track! I love the thing. 5.2 rear/.44 front

stock reedcage/reeds pro-circuit pipe/r-304 silencer, pro-circuit mx skid plate

she is so damn reliable and sweet

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I had a '02 RM250 set up for off road, and with out any real riding time on the bike I wouldn't do a thing. Except for maybe a new piston, a kick stand and a big gas tank.

Here's my '02:


After you ride it then you can decide if the suspension needs work or if you need to add a pipe and gearing. Everyone rides in different places so what works for me may not work for you. But for what it's worth this is what I tried

FMF Fatty pipe ~ loved it!

FMF Gnarly pipe ~ good low to mid, but hurt the top end too much.

FMF Q silencer ~ good pipe, very quiet.

FMF Turbine Core Silencer ~ louder but more power than the Q.

Boyesen RAD Valve ~ Had to go down 2 mains and 4 pilots, but great low end and slight top improvement.

9 oz FWW ~ didn't like the slower rev engine response.

Suspension revalve ~ A must for any used bike, your suspension will need a oil change anyways.

Barkbusters ~ they save fingers, so get some!

ProMoto Billet kickstand ~ it's the best one but the most expensive, trail tech is good too.

WorksConnection skid plate ~ I do not like replacing cases, nuf' said.

Pump 92 gas with PJ1 Silver smokeless oil at 40:1 ~ I replace pistons every year and they always look good.

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