Clutch Install Question

2001 YZ426F

I'm replacing replacing the friction plates as my clutch did not have any slip. I ordered a plate set from a local dealer. They are EBC Heavy Duty friction plates. My question is one of the nine plates has a narrower surface area than the other eight. I thought this was odd, but just thought I would pay attention to how the old plates were removed and install the new accordingly. However all nine of the old plates have the same amount of surface area. Should the narrow plate be basket side, pressure plate side, or some where in between. Has anyone ran across this before??? Also what is a proper soak time for the friction plates and can they soak for too long?

They can't soak too long, and should soak 30 minutes at minimum. The plate that is narrower along its radius is the first plate in, all the way at the bottom of the stack in the basket. It's built that way to clear items 13 and 14 in the image below. Item is a flat steel shim washer. Item 13 is a Bellville spring, which is a slightly cone shaped spring washer, and it is installed with the small end of the "cone" in toward the basket. If these two parts are not there, it's probably why your clutch was so grabby.


Hey gray racer, its almost like you looked at my bike after I came inside. Those two items are not there...nothing but bare basket. I was confused while removing the old fiber plates as none of them appeared to have any wear. Although I am still confused as to why all of the plates were the same size...I guess the past owner got the wrong kit, then realized they wouldnt fit and ditched 13 and 14?? Unfortunatly it has to go back together without them for the weekend(already have a trip planned). They will be ordered through TT tonite. The clutch before was more than was all or nothing making riding in the woods difficult at times. Just installed a 13oz FWW as well and was really looking forward to trying out the new combo. Thanks so much for your help it is much appreciated.

He has a 00 426 clutch in his bike. He just needs to buy the #13 and 14. Then the clutch set he bought will work.

Well I ordered 13 and 14 a week ago today from TT. How long does shipping normally take from TT. I haven't received any tracking information. I'm not in a huge rush or anything since I can still ride as it is. Just curious.:thumbsup:

Call the store toll free, or e-mail them. You should have received an order number via e-mail, and visually at the end of your order session online. Even if you don't know it, they can find your order and let you know what's up.

Thats what I shall do then. Thanks

I just got the new clutch all put together WITH the pieces that werent there before. The clutch has never felt this great! I really appreciate your help!:banana:

Makes a big difference, no?

Makes a big difference, no?

Like a completely different bike!! I can actually start from a stop now from idle. Before it was 1/4 to 1/2 throttle then dump the clutch and hope that it doesn't flip over....and replace rear tires often. Thanks again for the help:worthy:

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