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personalizing my suspension

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I recently bought a 2004 KTM 125sx and it seems like the shock is really stiff. I was wondering if there is any way to soften it up a little bit or maybe shorten the ride height so i dont have to stand on my toes. I'm about 5'10, 130 pounds. And I ride mostly on clay trails. Any suggestions???

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you firstly need to fit the right springs, 3.8N fork springs and a 65N rear shock spring, set your sag to 115mm and try that.

set the clickers to

comp 18

high speed 2 turns

reb 20


comp 15

reb 14

oil height 125mm

after this your into internal mods. for this i would leave this to the pro's, there are plenty of extremely good folk on here good with WP shocks, seek help from shockdoc, rsk1, dave j, harris etc. whoevers closest.


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