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My 2006 WR250F Dragging Clutch Story

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I bought my 2006 WR250F used. I quickly noticed how the bike would stall when I put it into gear for the first ride of the morning and it would feel as though the clutch lever wasn't pulled in all the way and the transmission wasn't disengaging. Neutral was also very difficult to find.

I tried adjusting the clutch lever and inspected the clutch cable. It did not help. I tried different viscosity oils, brands, and synthetic and non-synthetic blends. I inspected the clutch plates and they were in spec for thickness and were not warped. The easy fixes didn't work. I did lot's of searches on this site and found a lot of useful information.

I tried the washer fix to extend the spring cavity. It seemed to work at first, but then the problems returned. I tried doubling the washers with no improvement. I removed the clutch basket and inner clutch hub and inspected them for wear. There were some very shallow (.001-.003") "notches". I buffed them out with 320 and 600 grit paper, cleaned and oiled everything, with no improvement. I flipped the clutch plates around to have the "sharp" side in, instead of the rounded side thinking than they would disengage easier and not notch the basket as much. It had no effect. I drilled additional oil holes in the inner clutch hub to improve lubrication. It had no effect on the dragging.

After continuing to research what worked for others, a number of people said they replaced their clutch plates with inexpensive TUSK plates from Rky Mtn ATV. I was reluctant to do this because mine were still in spec. However, I got a complete clutch kit with heavy duty springs for about 40 bucks and decided to do it. The steel plates have small dimples on them.

Well, the cheap 40 dollar clutch kit did the trick. At least for now, no clutch dragging and neutral is easy to find, like a normal bike.:thumbsup:

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