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camshaft question - crf 450 - video - please help, riding tomorrow!!

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ok guys, I just rebuilt my engine. its been 6-8 months since I last touched the bike so im kinda forgetting how it feels and what its supposed to sound like.

im pretty sure ive gotten everything together properly and cant remember if this is normal or not.

ive rotated the engine over a few times by hand on the kickstart, and the sounds/feels it seems to be making just dont seem right to me, I could be wrong though.

once the cam lobes roll over the intakes, it stops for a second. then it takes no effort to kick it over, it just flops upwards about 45 degrees like I show in the video. this is very hard to describe. hopefully the video helps you understand what im talking about.

its 7 o clock and all ive got to do is put the cylinder head cover on and see if shell fire... I dont want to start kicking it like a mad man just in case I have something wrong. could someone here PLEASEEEE help me as im supposed to ride tomorrow!!

thanks a million!

heres the video... watch these points and turn your sound up: 0:14 - 0:18 and 0:34 - 0:40


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