Can I swap my 03 WR450 frame with an 06+?

I have an 03 WR450, but no title to it. I would like to register the bike for the street and found a deal on an 06 WR450 frame with all the paper work. I was thinking of buying the frame and swapping out as much as I can with the 03 to it. I realize that I would / might have to buy new body parts, but that's ok.

Am I dreaming that I could do possibly do this? Will the engine swap out? What about the swing arm, subframe and suspension?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

As far as I know the only differences are the 06 tank,shrouds, possibly seat? are different. The newer forks were better(bigger) and the speedo. The engine is a direct swap.

You mean from Steel to Alu frame.

No you cant.

The oil is kept in the frame in the steel frame.

Unless im missing something?

Unless im missing something?

Nope, your not :thumbsup:

On the 250f's the swap is easy...

On the 450f's it would take a lot of work

isn't the 06 still a steel frame? if it is, i would think it would work ok but i don't know for sure. if it's an aluminum frame, then it would be a tuff swap.

In o6 the wr's still had a steel frame

flat spot- sent you a PM regarding an 03 Street titled frame I have.

it should all fit with the exception of the gas tank and shrouds. Your triple trees and forks will bolt right up. You might as well get the large tank since you have to change it out anyways. This could be a weekend job with you and a buddy.


The 06 motor wont work in the 07 chassis. The oil sump is totally different.

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