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The D.O.R.K meets cool Alaskans - Texas Nov. 2009

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The Dell City Off Road Kinetics, D.O.R.K, rally was spectacular! This D.O.R.K was able to meet the Honorable Frostbit, his wife and their best friends. Frostbit and company came from Alaska to Texas to attend the RDS B.U.T.T rally that was hosted by DoctorDR, then headed up to Dell City to make my D.O.R.K event less dorky.

We headed towards the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, on smooth dirt that was easily handled.....when dry!


Frostbit and Scott traded bikes for the first part of the ride. Temperatures were in the mid-30s but surprisingly

comfortable in the good riding gear we had on.



We turned off the county road and started to climb into the foot hills at the base of the Guadalupes. This was section that

Mapsource does not have a name for, other than "Road". :ricky


It got more interesting here, the sides of the hills were peppered with tiny caves, and we crossed several creek beds.



ohhhhhh... yeaaa..... the snow starts! Were gaining elevation, going into some dark clouds!

At this point I am studying my GPS tracks carefully, so we can debate weather to continue or not.


We were on a dead-end road, that had a turn-off that would take us to the valley floor.

So we decided to continue, despite the fact we had to climb to 5500 ft. to make the turn-off.

The snow did not let up!




We pressed on... it was pretty tricky, slow speed riding. Under the snow we would slide on the treacherous mud, the Mighty Tiger

was quite a handful, with all that horsepower, and Scott's tires were not as knobby as ours. But we managed to engine break on the

down-hills, be gentle on the throttle and all was well!



We were relieved to make the turn-off, and start the descent into the valley, however the snow was melting

and we were learning more slippery lessons!





This was a spectacular view of the Guadalupes. Leading out of a Ranch. It was an incredible reward for

our efforts through the snow.





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