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CDI relo?

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I recently noticed the CDI box on my 200 EXC is pretty exposed out by the handlebars, just curious if anyone has relocated it to a more "crash friendly" environment. Maybe under the seat? Any pics of anyone who has done similar would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Its a 1999 and the CDI is located on the headstock under the handlebars. I maybe concerned without cause, but while I am working on it as a project bike, I want to take as many preventative measures as possible. (assuming they will increase the bikes durability)

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I guess I posted this to KTMtalk, here is the thread:


and here are the pictures if you cannot access it:

I want more steering angle on this bike so I am going to move the CDI box.

Here it is in the stock location on the stripped down bike:

(note the ancient arc welder!)


Here is where I plan to put it:

(note the custom head stays, like that?)


Here is it mocked up in place:


Heat and vibration are the bane of electronics so I'll have to mount it on a place clear of the frame so the rubber mounts can do their business. I figure an aluminum plate will hold the CDI and the voltage regulator in perfect place and act as a heat sink.

The head stays are my own creation. One is regular thickness and the other is 1/4" thick so I don't have to use nuts. The KTM "tee" tool fits the Allen bolts, no extra tool needed. The shape allows lots of clearance around the sparkplug.

So, in spite of work and great snowmobiling weather, I got the CDI relocation finished. Thanks to everyone for the advice, pictures and links. Here is how I did it:

A couple pieces of copper tubing, a 1.5"X 5" aluminum plate, drilled and tapped"


Plate installed:


Electronics installed:


Turn angle of my unmodified 125:


Turn angle of my modified 300:


Other photos of EE cdi relocation plate:


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I finished the job, just got longer bolts for the coil like Hondaman and bolted it there. It looks like a perfect fit. Are there any problems with the CDI touching the Coil?

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