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BritishColumbia Popkum Motorcycle Park

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So, is it going to be a good track? Will it get picked-up by CMA or CMRC, this year? Oh and will it be a tough track (doubles, big whoops etc..), or will it be tables only? I can't wait to try it out in April.:thumbsup:

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Will it actuallly Open??? And will it be priced decently?? Lots of B.S going on with opening and web site crap etc. Any actual info on the current status and situation?

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The hole thing is really sounding ugly, if you do go there lock everything up and don't leave bikes unattended.

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$30 a day? Thats kinda steep dont you think?? I can ride all day long for fee on trails anywhere in the Valley!! I dont mind paying if the track and trails are good but $15 maybe $20 would be more reasonable!

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Sounds like a real shit show going on there. Here's an email I just recieved.

Hello fellow motorcycle enthusiasts,

You all have showed support for the Popkum Motorcycle Ranch (PMR).

We appreciated your enthusiasm for the business we were planning to open

this month.

However, I'm sorry to have to tell you PMR is not going to open our off-road

training, camping, and motorcycle & ATV riding facility on March 13th as


Our vision of a family oriented riding facility with training and all of the

full services we have within our business plan will most likely all be lost.

The Popkum band, their "manager" Ken Jensen and Darren Pilling have

hi-jacked our business from us. We would ask that no one support this

interloper business.

The Popkum Indian Band is denying us access to the land, and is replacing

PMR, Larry and Roberta Jordan, with another entity called the Popkum

Motorcycle PARK marketed by Darren Pilling. It appears the Popkum believe

they can take advantage of our investment and our business plan and run a

business based on our vision. They have even confiscated out personal as

well as corporate possessions.

We tried to get help from Minister Chuck Strahl who is not only the federal

minister for Chilliwack but also the Minister responsible for Indian and

Northern Affairs (INAC). The Minister personally told us that we should have

known better than to enter into a commercial lease with the Popkum Indian

Band without INAC being involved. He said the commercially legal lease is

not enforceable by INAC on Reserve land.

We even got the RCMP involved to report the theft of our personal trailer.

But they have decided to not get involved to assist in getting back our

trailer or two 20 ft containers which are PMR property. The RCMP has been

ineffective at dealing with this situation.

Many of you signed a petition to voice your disappointment with the way the

Canadian Government allows Indian Bands to operate outside of the Canadian

legal system which everyone else is held accountable to abide by. We thank

all who showed support for PMR and voiced disdain at the way government

officials turn a blind eye when wrongs are done by Indian Bands. The

petition is still at

www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-the-popkum-motorcyle-ranch.html if anyone

would like to voice your opinion. There is also a new petition if anyone

would like to ask the government to create legislation to ensure that Native

Indians must abide by the same laws as all other Canadians.

www.gopetition.com/online/34577.html named "Make Indian Bands live by the

same rule-of-law as other Canadians

<http://www.gopetition.com/online/34577.html> "

Please do not confuse the Popkum Motorcycle Ranch business we had planned

with any activity presently taking plan on the Reserve Land. Be very

cautious about leaving any private possessions overnight on the Reserve,

they have confiscated our possessions and could do the same to yours.

Thank you again for your support. If PMR is ever able to successfully

establish our business at another location, we will keep your email address

and send you updates as we make progress in establishing the true family

oriented off-road motorcycle and ATV that the Lower Mainland needs and


Thank you,

Roberta & Larry Jordan

Owners of the Popkum Motorcycle Ranch (PMR)

Ahd here's a link with a little more insight


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