wr 250f vs 450f

I am going to purchase one or the other. I use to have a 02 wr 250f with no mods done, I regret selling it. All I will do with either bike is trail ride and some basic jumps. I am 6'2 210 and have owned street bikes, 1700 for 6 years now. I have the oppertunity to buy a 04 450f for $3,000 and it is like new. My question is how big of a difference are the two bikes. Do you think the 450 will be a real work out or not so much over the 250? I have some tight areas where I will ride slow in. Just wondering how it will handle compared to my 250 of which was an 02.

Thanks, John

i have an 09 wr250f and i love it. it, of course is highly modified and i keep up with most of the 450's out there..i just handle better:p

its not the bike .its what your doing with it iam 20 stone kitted up for trail riding, and i might have to go 15/20 mls before i hit the lanes in england, then the 450 which i chose over the 250 makes a bit of a differance , but if your pulling it out of a bog or humping out of snotty ruts and your shagged, well this may shade your choice. handling no differance noticed as i ride with blokes who have the 250,but then its trail stuff and fire trracks in wales then the 250,s suffer .

Its when you are tired the 450 bites back so techie stuff is when I :thumbsup: suffer so its a fitness thing,on the whole a great trail bike for the lazy who dont have to be on it, wheelies just think it and they happen great at the start but the end of the day can suprise you.but thats when you can ride round the outside of a mate on a corner on the road then pull awy as his 250 starts puffing and you get back to the shower and bar at least a day before him , both are great bikes but nothing beat cc's:ride:

Thanks for the replies guys, good info.

im assuming that the 450f your r talking about is a yz450f and the other is a wr250f? correct? ok, correct.

it depends, because the wr, u can ride on the road and you dont have to haul it, just ride, (if riding area is local) to the place. i prefer the power of a 450, i have an '08 crf450r and i just today rode my mates '06 yz250f, and i found it terable to ride, felt to me as if there was no power, (no offence but i dont like yamahas) anyway, yer so i would go with the wr250f ONLY, AND I REPEAT ONLY, because it is also road legal, plus, the 250f i rode had/has no bottem end wat so ever and im assuming they are all like that?, where as the 450f has everything, bottem,mid,top end. so its up to you, hope i helped!!

Sorry but the WR's are not factory street legal here in the USA. I have the WR450F and just love the bike. It handles great in the tight stuff great and just fly's on more open two tracks. It is a tad heavier in the tight stuff compared to the 250 model but a guy of your height and weight and riding ability should do fine. I would go for the 450 no doubt. Its a great bike. I dont think you will be disappointed.


The difference is about 13 - 14 pounds. Is this realy that much more noticeable? The one I think I will get is the 04 450f. How is it in terms of being dependable? If it is stronger than what I am use to can you putz around in it with out doing any damage so to speek? My 250 was great in tight spots but I did want more power on straight aways. I have lots of years on street bikes but not many on dirt. I guess I can not fully understand how the wieght difference is such a big deal when it is very little so to speek. Better and more experienced riders could probobly explain this better.

Thanks for all of the help!

I'd go 450F, just repeating what the other guys said. your hight weight, and skill. honestly i dont think you will notice the weight difference in the 450, because its really not all that much. Go 450 all the way.

I had to make the same decision. I went with the 450 and I am very glad that I did.

That's the nice thing about the 4 strokes in my opinion. You can putts around at low speeds with ease. Then just wack the throttle and you will be flying down the trail. The 450 has the power you want for the more open areas and is easy enough to handle in the tight trails. But this comes from a guy who has a big ol' XR650R who converted to the WR450. GO 450!!!!!!!!

You guys have me convinced and I appreciate all of the help! I am buying the 450F and should be picking it up this weekend when I get the trailer out.

Thanks again for the quick responses and all the info.


I've gone through what you are going through several times before. Several years ago, I was debating getting a two stroke. 125 vs 250. Posted up on several forums and got the usual replies..."i have a 125 and it's all I'll ever need"...."i've got a 250 and love it"....back and forth. I ended up buying the 125 and had a blast...until I bought a 250. I love the 250. The 125 is fun, but I'll never own one again. Street bike. FZ6 vs FZ1. Posted on several groups..."I have an FZ6 and it's all I'll ever need"...."I've got a FZ1 and I love it"...thinking to myself..."do I really need an FZ1? The FZ6 is cheaper to insure, costs less, blah blah blah". I bought the FZ1. I love it! Quads. I was looking at a 400 vs 800. Posted on several forums. "I've got a 400 and love it"..."I've got an 800 and love it"....I bought the 400. Was out on an open forest service road and decided to open her up. I sold it about a year later.

Moral of the story. You might never need the extra power. But you will never curse yourself for having it.

Oh, and I just bought a 2006 WR450F this past weekend. And the thought never crossed my mind.

Very well put, hill boys

thats right hill boys, BIGGER IS BETTER!!!!


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