Cold Starting???

I have trouble starting my bike when it is really cold out 30 and below. I've tried giving it 2 blips, sometimes not, before kicking. I push my kick starter until it hits compression mid way thru the stoke. then pull in the lever, push it about an inch farther, then release to the top, then I try to kick start it. Nothing! I try this for a while, when I smell gas I change the plug. sometimes after a while it will start sometimes it won't. Once it is warm it runs fine and starts on the first kick but I start different. When the compression is felt at the very top I pull in the lever press the starter down about 1/4 the way then release and kick it starts. Is the way I start my bike is incorrect. I didn't have this problem in the warm weather. Is there jetting changes I need to do? any help would be great.

This is my suggestion. When you get ready to start the engine for the first time on a chilly day, pull in your compression release lever just enough to release compression and kick the engine through about 15 strokes of the kick starter.....don't touch the throttle while doing this. Pause for about 20 seconds and then try to start the engine with the choke knob pulled out. If the engine doesn't fire within 3 kicks, then a jetting change "might" be called for. I've noticed that this problem seems to affect a large number of 426 owners while others, like me, have never had a problem at all. hope you get it figured out.

i have to give my 400 as many as (6) blips

to get started. sometimes up tp 3-4 times.

carb has never been apart for cleaning and its due. could be a factor.

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