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Honda XL 185S graphics

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I've been searching all over the place to find some parts for my 82 XL 185 and wanted to give you guys a heads up on a source I worked with.

My XL is a bit of a restoration project, so...with that I need to replace the side cover decals. Well, forget it in regular channels, they don't exist. Finding a set for the 82 had been almost impossible until I went to www.hondaxr250.com. Or email Chris though

I emailed the proprietor yesterday and asked if he has a set, he said no. Well, 5 minutes later he's asking me to send some pictures and a few measurements to him I obliged. A couple of more measurements and another email later and 3 hours later, he came up with a set. Expensive you might think? Not in this case, $44 shipped to the U.S. for both. Not bad in my book.

He already had the black background setup the XR 185 which uses a side over that appears to be almost the same size. He was able to make the 185S portion work on the existing background that he had, I think this helped keep my cost down as well.

What really impressed me were the real time responses, worked on this until he got what I wanted. Standup guy...I'd recommend him to anyone!

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