120 vs. 110 rear tire?

I have a 2010 YZ450 on the way, and while I already have a MX51 front tire ready to put on, I'm not sure about the size of the rear? I've ridden 250 2-strokes my whole life and therefore am only familiar with 110's. Do I order a 110 to switch that out too? I understand the concept behind the fatter 120 tire, but what are the actual differences in feel? Also, does anyone know the 2010 yz gearing? 13-48? Thanks.

I much prefer 110/90 rear tires the 120/80 rears push too much for me. I like the way a bike turns with a 110/90 much better.

I like the 110s aswell.

It also depends on what kind of riding you do, If you ride looser terrain, a fatter rear tire may be a better option. If you like to slide the rear out in turns (like in tight woods riding), a narrower tire would be the right choice.

Your 450 will have more than enough power to roost in any corner on any terrain. My friend rides a KTM 525 with a 130 rear, he likes it because of the planted feel, especially coming out of corners.

A 120 tire is a real good size because you still get the nimble feel of a 110, but get some of the grip of a super wide tire.

I personally have gone between a 100 and a 120, I chose a 110 because my old bike doesn't have enough power to break a 120 loose very easy in hard pack.

As a more direct reference, another friend of mine, a very experienced enduro rider, runs a 120 on his 426...

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