how much is a 06 yz450 worth

looking to buying a yz450 this weekend. it is a 2006 with the title.

he says that the bike smokes alittle bit so i think that its either needs a new piston riings/ and maybe a cylinder and head gasket. or valve seals. would that be a accurate or could there be more to it? he said that he put in a piston a while back and ever since its be smoking. i forgot to ask what color it was. but it could even be that he didnt stagger the ring gaps .

anyway i offered him $1500 (and he said he would do 1600 over the phone its has been posted for a few months so i think in person he would most likey do 1500 . in the ad he says he is tired of dealing wiht scamers )do you guys think that is to high? i figured it would take about $500 to get it in tip top shape. new topend, chain sprockets, plastics ,tires ....

The bike is worth no more than $3000 in excellent condition, and the repairs could run $2K. Do the math...


the motor still runs so i dont see it being 2k to fix.

my 250f droped an exhaust valve and completely took out the motor and it only coasted about 1200 to fix. new crank,cylinder,topend,cylinder head, both cams, all new linkage bearings, shock bearings, and valves, and some other odds and ends

i get most of my parts pretty cheap if i go threw by support ride deals, but 500 i was figuring just buying the topend of ebay from ncy for $135

im pretty sure im going to get it, i just need something to ride that isnt that expensive be cause i have a few parts on back order for my 250f. and i believe with this i can flip it in the spring for 2250-2500 pretty easy

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