The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good: Won my 1st moto on the bike! Raced two classes and finished a 2nd and a 3rd.

The Bike performed great on the track and is a blast to ride. The track was perfect for 3 of the 4 motos. Having the bike wheelie outa corners is cool!

The Bad: Questionable Team Tactics from someone from this board (#6)! You know who you are! :mad

Had a pass made until he saw me out of the corner of his eye and tried to shove me off the track. This resulted in my finish going from a 1st to a 3rd! Oh well that's Racing.

The Ugly: Could not start my bike behind the gate in any of the four motos!! ugh

It seems like my technique is getting worse.


Wasn't me. I went 4th and 6th in my two classes today... :)

what track were u guys at?


Keep your stick on the ice!

I raced Close Encounters in Loranger, Louisiana.

whats the weather like ?

G, belive me or not I did not see you there, the inside line was too slick (hate it when they water before my race) and I had to move to the berm. Besides, the pass is not made till you are in front. :) I thought that lapper was gonna cost me 2nd in that uphill turn! :D

Good racin, sorry bout the block, I may not even be close when you get dialed on that beast! If it makes you feel any better I got stuffed on the last lap of my 2nd class and dropped to 5th.


Ok I will give you the benefit of doubt, but like you said "I owe you one!" :)

Yea your buddy is the holeshot king, and that's something I need to work on too....if I could just start the damn thing! LOL

It was good racing and after we got by the lapper going into the right hander after the dropoff if I pinned it things coulda got ugly but I decided it wasn't worth it, after all were Old Timers! :D



We raced @ Speedworld in AZ. It was a "Chilly" 60 deg! brrrrrr Had to break out the winter coat! :)


might be chilly dude but at least you're racin.

There’s a foot of snow and its -5 where i live.

but im not jealous, honest.....


Keep your stick on the ice!

G-Man, good talking to you on the line Sunday. Good thing your buddy was there to start your bike! Sounds like you had a pretty good second moto too. I went 1-2 in my class for the overall win - a Speedworld T-shirt. They'll probably move me up to the amateur class next race, thought novice would be the ticket after only a 25 YEAR LAYOFF from racing. I am terrible off the line, no start practice in 25 years will do that. I did manage a 3rd place and a 2nd place position after the first turn though respectively, guess I just held the gas on longer than most try to make up for my off the line performance. Crashed at the bottom of the tight little downhill with the 90 degree right at the bottom because of the wonderful mud that was created just before our second moto. Got back up and managed a 2nd place finish. Really like Speedworld and the conditions (other than the 2nd moto watering) were perfect. Plan to ride practice there again this coming Saturday. See you next time...

Paul in AZ

Paul in AZ,

LOL yea it's a small internet world when your chatting to someone on the startline and it happens to be someone you met on this board. :)

F-Pilot recogized me in the pits even though I never met him :D Guess he saw my webpage. Nice guy too, didn't expect him to be such a dirty rider! :D (just kidding)

Yea it was a good thing my buddy was there I didn't want to be exhausted before the gate dropped! LOL

Good job on your finish, looks like the bug has bit you pretty good!

Let me know when your going back out there. I will be going home for Xmas in Cal and ride GlenHelen with my ol Cal buds. When I get back I'll meet you at SpeedWorld.



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