Snorkle Filter, Good Idea???

In preparation for our ride at China Hat in Oregon this weekend I made a filter to sit in the open snorkle hole. Last year my filter was totally plugged by the end of the day, but we still had one more day of riding (high desert). In hopes of extending the filter service interval I cut a piece of coarse skid plate foam to the size of the snorkle opening and oiled it lightly. Next, I drilled small holes in the top of my airbox and ran three wires for the foam to sit on.

Has anyone tried this? Am I wasting my time?

I realize I may be losing a touch of power, but think it would be worth a cleaner filter. :)

Have you tried Filter Skins? Have had very good luck with them.

I tried this on my 95 XR600 with an old Outerwear that are used to cover dunebuggy air filters. I cut it to size and zip tied it on the lip where the air box lid used to be. I too was hoping to make my fitler stay clean longer but the bike would not run good at all. I guess XR's need lots of air. If you do try it, try it locally to make sure it works.

I have not tried filter skins because I usually ride in the woods where the filter doesn't get too dirty. I am interested in them, but never see them at my local dealer and forget to order them. The way I have the foam set up will allow me to pull it out if things fail. I could feel that it was a little boggy, but crisp throttle response is not required where we are going. The trails at China Hat are wide open and less than technical. I will let you know how it works on Monday.

Anyone else try this?

How about a spare oiled and ready to go filter in a ziploc bag. Swap it out in 5 minutes and no worries.


The wife isn't too cool with buying bike parts right now. She says I spend too much. I realize the spare is the best way, but the foam was free. Hopefully I will be able to sneak a new filter for next time.

I am waiting for 1:40!!! Fun! Fun! Fun!


Am I wasting my time?

Heck no! Experimenting is great and maybe you'll come up with a new product idea from this. If the foam is the right density to where it can breath good and still filter well, then maybe its a good thing :D. Maybe performance won't suffer too much as opposed to leaving a gaping hole that sucks in more dust and perhaps your air filter won't need to be cleaned as often :).

I use filter skins, I clean it about 5 times before the main filter needs cleaning. I hate filter maintenance so the skins greatly increase the quality of my life. :)


The bike ran OK, but not great. Had it been real dusty I may have tolerated the HP loss, but the rain came and dust died down. Out came the foam and on came the power. Eventhough it was very coarse foam, it still sucked power. Actually my filter didn't get 1/4 as dirty as last year.

Thanks for taking the time to report back. Next time give the Filter Skins a try. Would have been nice to try them both on the same ride, back to back.

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