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new carbon fiber project

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well i decided before i make carbon fiber fork guards, hand guards etc. im gonna try to tackle a bigger project, this project will be a carbon fiber airbox. the whole airbox mad of 100% carbon fiber. this is gonna take lots of resin, lots of carbon fiber, and lots of fiberglass. i was checking out my airbox and noticed so far theirs 3 pieces to the air box that are all riveted into one whole piece. so i think im going to drill out those rivets and then make 3 molds from he fiberglass and once i can get the carbon molded from the fiberglass molds i can simply rivet the box together and there we go, carbon fiber airbox. this is definitely going to be one of the bigger projects ive done. i wont be able to tackle it for a while because im going to need to stock up on resin, fiberglass, brushes, resin, sandpaper, wax. but i will be posting a thread on it with pictures from day by day progress. since its a 3 piece mold it will take 3 days about. give or take on the weather because i need to do it on warmer days so that the air can escape from the resin (this can only happen when its warm) so i dont have air bubbles. or i might place it under heat for the full 6 hour cure process

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