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jetting help?

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i will try to explain this the best i can! i picked up my bike about a month ago and the guy was nice enough for me to take it on a full ride before i bought it! it ran okay at best it was spooging really bad, he told me he has a leaner cut slide and needle, well i took the bike apart and the slide is indeed cut and it has a stock needle in it, it did come with a EK needle which i beleave has a leaner tapper then stock.. the bike a 178main and 45piolet clip is in slot 3,

i currently did the rb head mod and rb carb mod along with a turbine core 2 sparky and a boysen rad valve, it had a fmf sst pipe on it, my question is my current jetting a good place for me to start? im going to run 110oct and i ride at about 5000' i am going to mix 32:1, i was almost thinking of going 42piolet 168-170main and use that leaner slide with the EK needle? thanks a bunch:worthy:

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