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How to use an 04-09 crf250r GPR steering damper on an 05' crf450r

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A few weeks ago I got a sweet deal on ebay for a new GPR damper. A new V4 for only $240 shipped.:thumbsup: Only problem is its for an 04-09 crf250r. So I finally got it home and was able to install it, not too bad. Just as expected, there were a few differences I had to deal with.

I had to grind down the backside a little.



Then I had to move the tank strap back a little. It did move the tank up a little, but its not much.


Then I had to cut of the bottom of the bushing to be able to use the stock bolt. That also meant I had to grind down the tube part of the washer that goes under that bolt. You will understand when you get there.


A few pics of the frame mount. You can see there are only minor differences in the ring and the frame. I later decided to grind down the small bumps on each side. If you grind them down, they will allow the ring ends to come closer together so the handlebar clamp bolts won't contact the bolt that closes the ring.



Thats all that is needed to make the 250 mount work for the 450. The only question that I have is, can the nut that came with the damper really hold 80ft-lbs torque? It is aluminum and really light. I torqued it down to only 50lbs b/c it felt a little thin.



It only recieves about half the threads and I don't know if it is meant to be like this.

So why does this matter, why do this and not buy one made for your bike? For a few weeks I was looking for a good deal on buying one, but I keep finding them made for the 250. I jumped on this one and it has worked out nicely. Now we have more options for the 450r owners. I don't know if it will be the same the other way around. It should be similar. :ride:

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