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random popping at idle

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Hey all! Finally did the pumper carb upgrade. Right now the bike starts great. While at idle it pops. Its definately random but constant. Pop, pop,.....pop,....pop, pop,pop,. If I stab the throttle from a dead idle it sounds like it has a hesitation/bog for a split second and catches itself and revs fine. When it catches itself and revs it spits out quite alot of thick black smoke like its rich. Figured maybe I need to adjust the accel pump for that one but the popping is eluding me. Ive adjusted idle mixture both ways and no difference. I'm gonna check for vac leaks again. I guess my question is could it be in my jetting. I bought the carb used and took it apart twice now to make real sure its spotless inside. Should I have put the same size jets in that were in my stock carb. They were a couple of numbers off. The bike is a 97 klx 300 with the 330 kit. The carb is a mikuni 36. Thanks in advance for the help!

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