Damage report

So i thought all i had to do was replace the seals on the impellar shaft.. Well the idiot who owned the bike before me tried to take the impellar off without taking the whole case off the side and the broke that slot part of the shaft that goes into the gear:bonk::ride::thumbsup:... and its missing somewhere inside the bottom end, he said I could return the bike if I want to and get my money back within the first week been one day but he lives 3 hours away and I have to borrow a friends truck to take it back is it gonna be worth the hassle? or should I just get a new shaft and fing the missing broken piece inside the engine slap it all back together and pray for the best?

I would return the bike, theres no way of knowing if theres damage to the bottom end bearings from the debris of the broken part. it could be a rebuild waiting to happen and thats more pain, time and cost than a three hour drive!:thumbsup:

If the guy was that much of a hack, who knows what else he has f'd up. Return the bike, get your cash and look for a bike that has not been butchered.

well I took the stator cover off and I found the piece whole it matches up perfectly with the shaft so i don't think the bike was ran with it inside, and just like i figured when i called the guy and told him I want my money back he hung up so I am pretty much stuck with the bike for now I guess its something to screw around with for now... I will get new shaft and bearing on tuesday when stores open up and post some pics!

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