low pipe

hi guys dose any one know any body who makes a low swept exaust system for a 98yz400. low pipes make more hp right???? the high pipes out there are not that good for the bucks.thanks dirttracker

where did you get the idea that a low pipe will make more horsepower its to bad nobody told henry he could have won more races

low swept headers do make more hp.henry whould have crushed it first bump!! only good for flattrack (try obrien flattrack supply)541.318.0493


I've had good results with EVO pipes, perfect power for dirt track.

Some low end lost, but a gain at peak and on the overrev from 2 to 4 hp over stock to the limiter (on a 400)

Avaible at LCR Competition, 877-631-9797.

I don't see why a low pipe will make a difference on the YZF since the exhaust port is to the side and only very slightly down.


thanks guys---both of those #s were no good.any others?---hey Le racer sounds like you know flattracking---help--I have 19in front wheel w/goodyear dt tires the rest is stock.running on a 1/4 mile--its ahand full but i i do pretty good (kick tt500s butts)but the cr500s and rotaxs kick mine!!--iwant to lower it 3in whats the best way?--what about that air box--ditch it ?? and that header iwhould like alow one (cool factor) thanks for any help dirttracker

jemco exhaust systems 713-461- 3834 $195.00 3-4hp reversed cone megaphone LOUD handmade just for you!! seeya ps yes ditch the air box and rejet


Sorry for the bad #, I guess his toll free number doesn't work from your area.

Try 450-829-1132 that's LCR Competition.

For dirt track set-up, I have sets of shorter springs that are also quite a bit softer. They are 100mm shorter and the rate is .40Kg/mm at that lenght (you need .35Kg/mm to start with if you want to cut to that lenght and get that rate).

on the rear I run a 4.6Kg/mm spring.

I don't have sag measurement to help you because I play with it to get the traction I need for the conditions, but you can bring it down quite a bit to match the front end.

About the airbox, I would not run without it, but if you can, try the DSP one, it's good but expensive.

To get the power to the track you will be better off looking at a flywheel weight and some wide rims. For the front to run a 27/7 on a wide rim, you will have to fit different forks to make room.

There some more but I will make it look like a roman...


mx-tech modifies the stock suspension to lower and limit travel, check the web site.

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