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Florida Where to find special parts in Orlando FL?

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I'm an italian rider and I'm going to spend 2 days and half in Orlando for a business trip (it's hard work I know..... colleagues o'mine are hating me!)

More, just few days ago a I bought a cre 250 '06 so I would be very happy to give her my best welcome in my life buying some special parts.....and what a better occasion to make such a shopping "live" instead of by internet as I'm used to.

What I would like to kindly ask for are your suggestions and your recomendations to find one or more (better but not for my bank account!!) good shops in Orlando.

I suppose I will finish my business meetings within 5 p.m. so I should have at least 1.5 - 2 hours to move around in the town.

What I have mainly in mind is a V force reed pack and a fmf gnarly pipe but I would also be happy to find something else (billet parts, carbon parts, skid plate, grafics, ecc.)

Many thanks in advance to you all.


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Internet!!!!! Most large companies have free 2-3day shipping.......

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give Quitin Bigalow a local pro rider who has been around the scene for many years, Kissimmee motorsports at 407-847-6686


Tell him that Kyle Pulley from NC sent you.

is he the dark-haired guy that works at the parts counter? If so, he's definitely a cool cat, he always takes care of me when I go in there. Just bought some plastic for my '06 KX250 from him.

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Yes I know internet is smart and efficient (I'm used to buy parts from us either for my bikes or for my friend's '68 mustang) but I love big american big shops. On last summer I went to the west coast and listening to suggestions coming from this great forum I went to Chapparal in San Bernardino and in another shop in San Francisco. It was funny and I come back home with a brand new leatt, two pants, new stickers, a back bag and probably something else I don't remeber...

Thank you all for your suggestions I think I'll visit both the shops you have indicated.

See you


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