IMS tank w/cross over line

I have an IMS tank with the cross over line. I need input on what to do with the cross over line, I am not happy with the how close it is to the exhaust pipe. It is also a pain in the *#$% to remove the tank. How many of you have plugged the cross over fittings off? What have you used to plug them?

Disadvantages for this set-up?

Any tips for the existing set-up with the cross over line?



I have that same tank , I do use the cross over tube but i used a clamp to hold the hose close to the head . I also epoxied the fitting into the tank they always seemed loose and leaked a bit .

Only disadvantage is you have to lean the bike over to get the gas to the other side of the tank. Mine keeps leaking so I'm going to block it off as well.

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