front wheel

Can someone tell me if there is supposed to be any play in the front wheel from left to right? On my yz, you can wiggle it about a quarter of an inch from left to right. Is this to much play or should there be no play at all? Should I look into to buying new wheel barrings? Thanks

You've got a problem. Find out where the play is coming from, it might be bad bearings.

you need new bearings

Any free play is a bad thing. Check your spokes as well as your bearings.

Any free play is a bad thing.
Not true. A brand new bearing that size will have up to .0015" clearance, which means the pair of them will rock on the axle a total of .003", brand new. Since the rim is over 3 times as far from the bearings as they are from each other, this will end up being about .010" at the rim with the tightest new bearings.

Great to know...didn't mean to mislead.

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