The best forks ever!!

I just wanted to post a special thanks to Scott F. for all is assistance in helping me resolve a repetitive front fork failure on the 00 426 KYBs.

His knowledge of the KYB forks and the key players in the aftermarket space allowed me to re-assemble a set of forks that offered the best ride I have ever been on. Even my YZ250 and CR250 friends were blown away.

What really concerned me are how many so-called top suspension shops that I spoke with, in the process of trying to resolve my problems, that really knew little more than modifying valve stacks and installing new seals.

I'll let Scott decide if he wants to talk any further on his recommendations and references, (ya know, tricks of the trade). However, if you're really serious about getting it just right, and you're willing to toss some bucks and man-hours at it, I would highly recommend it.


Good post Dave. Suspension components are definitely my area of least knowledge. I've been reluctant to disassemble them for fear that I will ruin something. I bet if I gathered all the pertinent information it would be much easier than I've come to believe. The thing that has held me back has been the lack of special tools for this type of work. What tools would someone need who decides to do his own suspension upgrades and rebuilds?

Hey DaveJ

how can i get the shock rebuild info?

mine are not workin so good....


Keep your stick on the ice!

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