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98 cylender on 97 rm 250.

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So I recently found that the bike i have thought all along was a 98 was realy a 97:foul::ride::foul: I checked the frame vin and it matches the title but the motor is a 97:banghead::thumbsup:

Any ways i talked to friend at the local shop and he said i should have no problems mounting a 98 cylender because the connecting rods are the same and bolt patterns and power valve actuator are the same.

I chose to swich out my cylender becouse it has bean giving me problems laitly, the steel sleeve is a little to big i believe it just needs a replate or possible bore, but long story short the piston rubs on the power valve and wears ring out in like 2 rides:foul::lol::foul:

I decided to go stock with a nicasil bore i found on ebay cheep:thumbsup: $250 with everthing short of a piston newer bore with no damage. considering a replate and new power valves for my 97 cylender are about $300 I figured why not.

The mounting holes for the rad valve from 97-98 are diferant so i had to buy a stock rad valve and leeve the f vorce on the 97 cylender. I am thinking possible big bore down the rode but undecided still.

Anyways I hope all will work out for the best, I am ordering my 98 piston this week and should be in and ready for my first GP on the 13th. I hope!!

Is there anything i should know or be mindfull of in swithing this cylender out??

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