Lighting Coil suspected faulty.

I just took a neighborhood rip on my WR400 (Motard, 2k). When I pulled into the garage I noticed that I had no lights, tried the horn....nada there as well.

I took off the seat and checked the battery, it was at @4v....not good I think.....then took out my service manual and took a reading on the lighting coil wiring as directed. The result was slightly out of range...I was suspicious that the problem may be in (my) wiring of the harness for the lighting, so I took the battery out and swapped it for another 12v one that i use for testing purposes (bigger, like for a kids powerwheels truck), and the harness seemed to work fine.

Now I check the output line from the regulator, and at idle, she's putting out @8v, and @12v+- when revved a little. So now I'm going in circles....

I did the lighting setup from, the second type with the relay to switch on/off the lighting circut automatically. The only thing that I can figure is that the diode that's off the relay, for switching purposes, I used a really small one....maybe that's fried and is causing a short?

Anyone have any similar problems? I did a search, and couldn't find anything with specifics like this.....

I really hate electrical gremlins.....

Dear friend:

Have a 2007 WRF 450, and a year ago year it started to burn front light, they checked and as result changed the rectifier...... fine until this week, when it started burning lights again.... Stator seems to be fine, and could the rectifier be failing soon? Any help is needed.


by the way: Lighting coil is the same as rectifier ???

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