How to beat a CRF450R with a WR426F? suggestions?

Hey Guys, just got my WR426F (2002), it has all the free mods, grey wire clipped, white bros. e-series exhaust, and rejet. It moves good, but, I cannot beat a CRF450R with the initial hit when going around 20 mph. It seems to take off faster, then stay in front. What do I have to do to my WR426 to surprise him? Any suggestions? Maybe I should lose weight. I almost bought a 2002 CRF450R, but, the valve issue and airbox issue scared me and it did not seem suited for the trail riding I do. I do not ride MX tracks. I hope I will not regret it. Thanks for any suggestions of how to put this honda in its place. I need acceleration, not top end.


try changing the gearing a bit, if you dont need top end like you say then go up a couple teeth on the rear sprocket (requires longer chain) or go down 1 or 2 teeth on the front (requires removing links from your chain).

This will definately change your acceleration factor but sacrifice top end.

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Try starting in second gear.

Reality is you may never be able to beat him in that type of contest. Remeber the WR model is designed for off road use. You have more weight with the lights, cooling system, ect. and a slightly older design, you have a heavier fly wheel weight that prevents quick hits like the CR can do. In addition to that your a few CC's down 426 vs 450. To run close to him you need to get rid of all the weight, lights and stuff, lighten the bike up, get a YZ fly wheel, Make sure you have done the timing mode, even go with a YZ450 cam. But then you will have a bike that is not as good off road. Your bike is better suited to off road riding than his and it sounds like thats what you do so you have the right bike to start with.

Or you could invite the owner of the CR out for a few too many beers the nite before and hope the hangover slows him a bit. :)



How to beat a CRF450R with a WR426F? suggestions?

Ride it more :)

Get the CRF450R out onto more open trails or dirt roads where you can use the higher top end speed of the WR426 to your advantage.

my advice: why worry about beating him? It sounds like you're a trail rider; to me trail riding is about you and the trail and terrain your enjoying. You have a great bike all ready, one that may be more suitable and enjoyable to trail ride than your friends CRF. So, why not just ride and enjoy? My two cents.

Make sure your bike is perfectly maintained. By this, I mean that the air filter is always clean, there is fresh gas in the tank, make sure your tires aren't overly worn and don't have too much pressure in them causing more wheel spin. Gear down as suggested above and make sure your suspension is set right for your weight which will also allow you to hook up better.

Finally, practice over and over the type of run you are having problems with.

The two bikes are set up for different purposes. The last race I was in had about 30 miles of graded roads, those poor guys with the MX bikes didn't stand a chance in those sections. I ususally do most of my passing in section like these due to the top end that my gearing gives me.

On a side note, I'm not sure of you riding area but you jetting looks on the rich side to me.

When I first got my 426 all my friends had 520's.

Talk about getting friggen walked away from... :D

Then I did a 97mm piston and prepped the head. :)

I am able to pull a stock 520 now.

After baja the 97 got tired though, so I popped a 400 motor into my bike to keep riding.

Know what?

I think I ride faster on a 40rwhp 400 than I do on a 53rwhp 444.

Getting pulled on the flat, or out of the woods means nada.

Wait til the whoops or a tight section, then kill 'em. :D

Turn his gas off when he's not looking. :):D

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