Scott's damper


This weekend I tested my new Scott damper and was very impressed in the improvement it offered.

Thanks to everyone here who recommended one.

It definitely has its applications in the sense that some riders will benefit from it a lot more than others, but it's well worth it.

The aggressive trail or desert rider will love it. A must have. For most track stuff, it just instills a lot more confidence and requires a lot less effort.

I don't think your initial lap times would be any lower, but perhaps the energy you save in your arms could be put to better use. Not to mention that you would never have to worry about losing the bike ever again to a rack-to-rack high-speed head shake.

The unit also offers a great span of adjustability (sweep, and low and high speed) for all types of conditions and riding styles.

Highly recommended.


That is the damper I was getting. I rode a friends bike that had one the other day and didn't notice it much but when I got back on my KX I really noticed it. Did you use it with the stock clamps or did you get the aftermarket clamps? I am trying to decide which clamps I want to get. Looking closely at the Scott's Complete Kit(Pro-Tapers, Mounts and Damper) for 519.00. But it comes in two styles. One standard and one with a off-set to match the '01 bike. But haven't heard if it would really makes a difference.


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I went with the Renthal bowed bars.

I wanted to maintain a traditional crossbar pad since I've made friends with it on many occasions. I'm not sure if the Pro-Taper pad can be made to fit. Perhaps others here know.

The install requires some metal to be removed from the top triple clamp. Not a big deal. Other than that, setup was intuitive...and so was dialing it in.

As I'm sure you have heard many say, you'll most likely forgot how much this thing helps until you take it off or ride a bike without one.

Let me know how it goes for you.


I also wanted the crossbar pad for safety. I use a Renthal twinwall (1 1/8") bar in CR Hi bend. I also bought the whole kit. The bottom of the crossbar pad needs to be trimmed out, but it fits fine. I think the kit is top notch, and I am sold on dampers. You can flip the actuator arm around 180 degrees and get better access to the knobs (the crossbar pad does not cover them up this way). The nice thing about this damper is you can take off two screws and move it to another bike. The 426 is too much bike, and geared too high for the mountain trails in Colorado. So this damper gets put on my RMX 250 for the mountains (and it REALLY needs it!) Tow dampers for the price of one. Every now and then I forget to make the switch and I really miss the thing.

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