setting Sag, do I need to adjust rebound and compression?

guys, just got a '02 WR426F. I need to set the sag. I am heavy, 6'2" 235 lbs. I will need to move the collar a few turns on the spring. Do I also need to adjust the rebound and compression on the shock? or can I leave that stock? I do not plan to adjust the fork settings? Is that Ok, even though I will compress the rear spring? Any advice or recommendations appreciated. This is a great forum. By the way, my old bike was an XR650L, so, you can imagine how light and nimble this bike feels to me.

I would suggest setting the bike up completly to your weight. If the bike was set up for someone, say 175lbs. it is gonna be way too soft for you. Take the time and get as much info as you can if you are gonna do it yourself. I just ordered the new DVD in the tt store for suspension setup. It is supposed to be pretty trick!

Good luck!


"Live well...Ride free"


Set the sag first. You will likely have to set the rebound harder to keep up with the stiffer spring setting. Here is a trick that may help, try feeling other peoples bike. Push the back end down and feel for how slow it goes down, and how slow it comes back up. Compare this to your bike.

I recieved the video not 2 mins after my last post. It is awesome. It explains things in a very simple, understandable method. I would highly suggest getting a copy of it. if you have any specific q's, let me know, and I will look it up on the dvd for ya.

I hope this helps!


"Live well..ride free" :)

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