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Need maintenance guidance for my 98 YZ250

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I started into my new to me bike this afternoon with the intention of finding out what condition the bearings are in. The front wheel bearings roll smoothly, however one has a good 1/16" of lateral play between the inner and outer races. On the rear wheel, the two bearings from the sprocket side feel good, but the one from the disc side is a little rough feeling. I'm inclined to just replace the bearings so I have a baseline. On the other hand, the money could come in handy on some other areas of the bike. Thoughts?

I also pulled my footpegs as one was feeling a bit loose. It turns out both holes on the mount have ovalized. Is this common on older steel frames? On the other side I was surprised to find that the rearward tab had been bent out 10+ degrees, enough to deform the cotter pin. Yikes! My idea on this is to hammer it back to roughly the correct position. If that doesn't work, perhaps a big C clamp would work.

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