Anyone think we should have a 426 (or 450) only Forum? *DELETED*


I would have to agree totally about having the nads to make it work. Out of the box, my 450 was a joke. I was disapointed about the power, and how corked up it was. But after makin the mods, adding a few other goodies, it runs like a raped ape. The only other thing I want to find is a decent tire setup for the beast. The stock rubber sucks!.

I think that is the final piece of the puzzle(until some other trick go fast part comes out) Until then, I will ride it like I stole it!


"Live well...ride free" :)

Sorry if some of us new guys can be annoying. I took a hint and started using the search. Found most of the info I was looking for.

Don't worry about being annoying I never do!

There had to be a reason why Yamaha put such lean jetting in the 450. They had to know when they shipped them they were wrong. But in the grand scheme of things 1 hour spent pulling a wire and swapping brass is not a big deal.

Last week at the open practice at the local MX I got passed by some little pizz-ant on an 80. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I settled for a Heinekin and a cigar.

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